CE4Psychologists, Nurses, and Health Professionals

CECircuit is the network for forward thinking psychologists, nurses, and other health professionals.  Integrative Medicine is a widely accepted method and growing approach to mental health services.  When we work collaboratively, patients and clients benefit, and we improve our knowledge base, ability to assess and evaluate, and improve treatment.

CE4Counselors, Social Workers, MFT's and Other Therapists

CECircuit provides continuing education services for Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselors (CADCI & II and ICADC), Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors (LCPC), LPCC, LPCs and other counselors. The Network provides continuing education for mental health professionals (LCSW, MFT and others) and supports collaboration, sharing, and learning from one another.

Teachers, Administrators, and Other Educators

The Network provides continuing education for teachers, instructors, principals, (and other leaders in the field of education) and supports collaboration, sharing, and learning from one another.


The CE Circuit Provider Network

Welcome to CECircuit.org

CE Circuit is the place where psychologists, social workers, licensed counselors, certified drug and alcohol counselors, nurses, health professionals, and therapists come for continuing education.  It is also a place where teachers and educators come for professional development training. Think of this site as the hub where mental health providers, health professionals, and educators come to learn, share, and connect.  CE Circuit provides a network for professionals to learn and share in professional development.  The circuit is the place where social entrepreneurs, mental health, health professionals, and educational professionals come to learn, share, and connect.  Our network provides exceptional continuing education for exceptional providers.  Please continue to visit our site to learn about core courses and new offerings, or to share information on our blog.

Create a Different Perspective

Sometimes we need to repurpose aspects of our life and create a different viewpoint.  The world is changing quickly and it can be difficult to keep pace, but maybe is it time to slow things down. CeCircuit is here to assist you as you consider what your social contribution will be, learn to articulate it and develop the skills to share it with others. Whether your audience is local or global, we are here to work collaboratively with you, as you learn and grow


Next Steps...

Let's get started!   Contact Dr. Clare E Steffen, today ~541.221.3408 or csteffen@cecircuit.org.