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CE Circuit is the place where psychologists, social workers, licensed counselors, certified drug and alcohol counselors, and therapists come for continuing education.  It is also a place where teachers and educators come for professional development training.  Think of this site as the hub where mental health providers and educators come to learn, share, and connect.  CE Circuit provides a network for professionals to learn and share in professional development.  The circuit is the place  where mental health professionals learn, connect, and share.  CECircuit offers exceptional continuing education for exceptional providers.  Please visit our site to learn about core courses and new offerings, or to share information on our blog.

One thought on “Welcome to CECircuit.Org”

  1. Hello welcome to CECircuit.org
    We are glad you have come to visit our site and are interested in holistic education and mental health services. We look forward to developing a professional relationship with you as we learn, connect, and share.

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